Yummy Pizzza!!!

Getting A new Phone Soon!!

Phone emergency! My One Plus Nord CE screen turned purple, and the repair cost almost half of what I paid for the phone. Decided to order a new one and went with the Samsung Galaxy M53. Can’t wait to see its performance!

Bonzo’s Birthday Today

Hey @manton I asked chatgpt has it heard of micro.blog

Today I learnt about cheat.sh cht.sh A damn cool terminal help tool

Wonderful linux rap by @distrotube@fosstodon.org www.youtube.com/watch

Apparently to get my scanner to work on pop os I had to reinstall libsane and restart the cups service. Even then, it only works through the hplip 😞

Can anyone explain to me how does this give me banana


These new experimental features in Standard Notes are amazing @canion you should check them out

Birthday Shennaingans

I reccommend @canion for Micro Moday!! @jean please do add him as a recommendation! Always find fun and great snippets of knowledge (sometimes 😛) in his thoughts!

Made French Beans, Garnished with coconut and some red chillis

Just found out I can get My weather privately using @StartpageSearch@mastodon.social . Just have to type weather in city name and it will fetch data privately from https://tomorrow.io/

Someone Just Got Up

Found out about carbon.now.sh . Its a pretty cool way to create and share beautiful images of our code. Love the fact it has the dracula theme too

Found this wonderful FLOSS android app for simple time tracking and task management play.google.com/store/app…

Nice walk we had

Made Pasta and channa today 😋!

Made pasta and channa today 😋!!

Munching Time 😋

This is my first post on micro.blog So far seems cool!! DIscovered it through omg.lol and hemispheric views!!